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PÖTTINGER adds to its product range

PÖTTINGER adds to its product range

The long-established Austrian company PÖTTINGER is expanding its product range in arable farming: various implements for crop care sporting PÖTTINGER colours will be seen in action in the field starting 01 August 2021. This closes one of the last gaps in the firm's wide range of products. CFS Cross Farm Solution from Stoitzendorf, who are also Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturers, are the right partner for PÖTTINGER's new product series. Details on these promising machines will be presented in spring 2021.

A long tradition

The arable and grassland sectors have been very important to PÖTTINGER since the company was founded almost 150 years ago. Initially a supplier of purely grassland equipment, the cornerstone for successful tillage was laid back in 1975 with the acquisition of the Bavarian Plough Factory in Landsberg, Germany. PÖTTINGER has a long tradition of moving with the times and has made a name for itself with the ongoing development of its products.

New products for crop care

Farming methods are constantly changing due to a call for the reduction of chemical pesticides, lucrative government subsidies and the increasing demand for sustainably produced food. Farmers are now confronted with new challenges in crop care, which also impact the choice of agricultural technology used. Benefit-driven, versatile and efficient machines are required and PÖTTINGER now offers the answer with a range of rotary hoes, vario hoes and constant pressure hoes. Stephan Ackermann, Head of Product Management, emphasises: "When expanding our arable product range, we wanted to make sure that the high specifications of the machines in this segment are met in terms of ease of use, high output, reliability and durability. We will achieve exactly that in adding the products from CFS to our product range." In addition to taking over the products, the two founders of CFS, Andreas Egelwolf and Leopold Rupp, as well as several experienced employees, will support PÖTTINGER actively in the future. They will officially start their work as PÖTTINGER employees on 01 August 2021.

The location in Stoitzendorf will operate as a crop care competence centre, mainly concerned with product development, but also with manufacturing various products.

A successful start

There is still a lot to do in terms of preparation before the official launch of the crop care range on 01 August, 2021, such as integration of systems and processes, staff training, etc. "We are convinced that we have taken an important step for the future by taking over the CFS products and welcoming their employees on board. With this new product segment, we are closing the gap that we previously had in our range of arable farming products. Thanks to our new partners, we now have excellent competence in this sector to ensure our ongoing path to success for the best soil," says Gregor Dietachmayr, Spokesperson for the Management Team.

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