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PÖTTINGER annual report 2019/2020

PÖTTINGER annual report 2019/2020

Satisfactory business performance during crisis year

PÖTTINGER, the agricultural machinery manufacturer generated in the business year 2019/2020 sales of EUR 366 million, the second highest volume in business since the company was founded. Although this represents a downturn of 4 per cent compared to the record result of the previous year, it is an increase of more than 3 per cent compared to two years ago. The proportion generated on international markets is around 90 percent. This high degree of internationalisation is thanks to the 1,901 highly trained and dedicated employees, the innovative product range and extensive investments. 
Grassland equipment accounts for around 70 percent of total machine sales during this financial year, while tillage equipment and seed drill technology account for just under 30 percent of the turnover pie. PÖTTINGER was able to maintain efficiency in service and spare parts business even during the crisis. Growth in spare parts sales is 7 percent. 

Almost 60 percent of total sales is achieved in Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Germany with a turnover share of 19 percent and France with 15 percent are again the largest single markets. Fortunately, sales in both markets remained more or less constant over the past financial year. 
Austria accounted for 10 percent of total sales in the past financial year. Alongside Germany and France, Austria is still one of the strongest markets. Compared to the previous year, however, the share of total sales remained the same. 
The downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in some European countries was partially offset by increases in machine sales further afield: Australia with + 68 percent and the USA with + 67 percent are the absolute leaders here. Also among the contenders for the title of "sales growth winner" are European countries such as Belgium, Denmark and Sweden, as well as several CIS countries like Kazakhstan and Belarus, plus China and Japan. 

We remain optimistic because everyone needs agriculture

"Even though the wind has veered, we have continued to stick to the course we have set," said Gregor Dietachmayr, Spokesperson for the Management Team, commenting on the sustainable business strategy and adding; "With a team of such flexible and loyal employees and the partnership-based cooperation with our business partners all over the world, the company will continue to overcome the challenges that await us in the coming years." Being able to stick to the course is also thanks to the innovations in product features and in agricultural processes that have been introduced to deliver on the promise of ensuring the best working results. 
Optimism that has stood the test of time remains firm "Our future lies in the creation of modern workplaces, in the further development of our digitalisation strategy, in the conservation of resources and in the cost effectiveness of our products. Nobody can seriously predict how things are going to develop at the moment. But we are hoping that the situation will improve towards the end of the calendar year," says Dietachmayr.

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